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Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) differs from website builders like FrontPage or Dreamweaver in that a CMS allows non-technical users to make changes to an existing website with little or no training. A CMS is an easy-to-use tool that gives authorized users the ability to manage a website. A CMS is a website maintenance tool rather than a website creation tool.  Other features can be added such as photo up-loaders that automatically resize the photos and create pages of thumbnail images which when clicked display the full size image. News and article editors that allow you to upload documents to download or archive. All this can be managed by the Content Management System so that all fonts, colours and alignment follow the design of your website. Even some advanced CMS can manage the drop down menus to allow your website to continue to grow without the need of your original web designer.

Compelite Content Management System includes:

  • Secure web based login
  • Easy to use add, edit and create functions
  • Insert Hypertext links
  • Basic font editor
  • Simple build by block for true WYSIWYG
  • Quick preview to see before it goes live to site
  • Full article archive with history
  • Image Bank up loader
  • Document up loader
  • Video and Audio up loader for press releases etc
  • Menu editor for drop down menus

A Content Management System is a great way to keep on top of your website updates and make your website the first place to post news and latest information instead of the last. With access by any internet connection and just a web browser, you are no longer tied to your office computer or software. Updating your website can be from any internet connection. This leads to getting your news on-line first.  Compelite CMS also are designed to help to be search Engine friendly, this ensures all your updates are indexed by the major search engines and helps your website to be selected at the top of the results for the appropriate keywords.

Our client samples for CMS includes the following:



This site includes a full menu driven Content Management System which allows them to upload new product sections and product after product per section with photo images and descriptions of each.



This site includes a number of updateable sections by CMS but features an extensive Media section to upload Video, Audio and other documents such as images, documents and PDF files



Just about all this site is a live Content Management System allowing them to upload news articles, press releases and latest editorials. Includes a scrolling job offers section. In addition, new site sections can also be added via the CMS, allowing the user to make these changes without assistance from the web designer.

For more information on what a CMS can do for your website. Contact us

Content Management System DEMO


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