LAN (Local Area Network)

Compelite can ensure your office has a fast, stable, low maintenance network with the ability to share printers, files and internet. Compelite can also assist with your office move to ensure your new office's network is set up and ready for staff to quickly get back to work.

Compelite can deploy either cable or wireless technology, depending on your needs.

Compelite has also developed a low cost solution providing internal mail, sharing calendars and contacts without the need for Microsoft Exchange server, drastically cutting down software costs. Need to know more? Give us a call.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Today's global offices need to be connected. We have to be able to share files and databases with our co-workers around the globe, allowing convenient access without duplicating systems and generating synchronisation problems.

Connecting offices like this obviously raises the issue of security.

Compelite's VPN (Virtual Private Network) serves this need perfectly, while tackling the security issue with strong encryption, allowing your organisation to work as one, no matter how globally distributed it is.


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