Secure Searchable E-Doc System

Our system eliminates the need for hardcopy printouts and bulky binders for storing all kinds of valuable documents. Saving storage space costs, printing costs and delivery costs.

The CD ROM or DVD has high level security with password protection so no documentation can be opened unless authorised, even if the disc has been copied.

We use a bookmark facility so all documents can easily be located using the side menu also a thumbnail can be displayed to easy locate the pages

Our system also indexes each word so the entire documents can be searched and all pages containing the searched keyword can be located individually.

The free issue acrobat reading software is supplied on the disc and an auto boot program ensures the document opens after the CD ROM has been inserted into the PC, with your corporate identity displayed. Typical uses are for transaction bibles, trial documentation and any documentation that need to mass storage, protection or quick access of information.

Each disc can handle over 10,000 pages on CDROM or around 100,000 on DVD. There is no degrading of the documents and the media is one of the most common in the world today.

An electronic copy can be made and delivered to your office within 4 hours. All documentation is passed to us via e-mail in word format. (Security via digital signatures available). Or access via our secure VPN connection.

We then index the files and create an easy link bookmark making every document one click away. The documents can then be printed on request. Our sample for you to approve is uploaded to our secure website, where you can download it to view for approval. On your approval we can print the covers and burn the discs.



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